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- cancer -

just my luck, lmao

[Click here] to read my logs/journal about how everything is going

[And click here] to read about the side effects and symptoms I experience from chemo (as well as what I used to experience from cancer before the chemo got rid of those shitty symptoms)

and, to quote Hank Green:

A screenshot of a TikTok post from @hankgreen1 saying 'They say god gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors. He gave me super treatable, early stage Hodgkin's lymphoma because he knows I'm a lil baby.'

$1105 until I reach my out of pocket maximum!

$1895 / $3000

I'm (thankfully) in a place where I don't need donations in order to get through this, but still, it is pretty difficult paying these bills.
I don't want you to feel pressured to help out, but if you are in a stable place financially, any amount would be HUGELY appreciated :)

my cash app:

A QR Code of my cash app account, which can alternately be accessed at this link:$littlestxylophone

my venmo:

A QR Code of my venmo account, which can alternately be accessed at this link: